Saturday, March 19, 2011

Almost There

So there were a lot of almost's this weekend. First we had planned to go to the temple with my wonderful aunt and uncle, however my mother-in-law informed me that Aeisha no longer takes a bottle. She refuses, which for me is really frustrating that means if I need or want to get a way it can't be for too long due to the fact I must feed my daughter, but she is worth it!! Hopefully we will make it to the temple this next week however!! So on to the next Almost Dixon was supposed to have the day off but of course he was called into to work to "hold his bosses hand" sometimes I feel as if he is the owner of the company and the boss too bad he didn't make the money his boss does!! But the perks of sacrificing my husband on his day off was that he did sell two more cars for this month!! Yay the pay check is growing!!! But all-in-all it turned out to be a pretty good weekend can't wait for church tomorrow I'm gonna teach my little primary kids to fish I think they are going to love this activity, lets just hope it doesn't get them too wound up :] anyways I think its off to bed for me!!

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  1. You are so cute:) You need to set up a time to go to the temple and I will watch Aeisha for ya! Or if ya find someone else I will go with ya:D It's excited that some good came out of Dixon going to work! I hope the fish were biting for ya Sunday!!